Monday, March 15, 2004

Night of the Living Ambilogic

Our first day down, and nobody has rung the bell yet (reference to GI Jane). A couple of guys got in at 1:00am though, so we ended early (3:30pm). We're on track, and plan to take our first test (Windows XP) tomorrow before lunch.

Most of the material was pretty understandable. We clearly started getting into server questions (sub- an super-netting, setting up RAS servers, etc).

The teacher took pity on the souls of the happless travelers who got in at 1:00am last night, and let us break early. After a quick rest, a few of us are going to study together, get some dinner, study some more, and collapse.

Tomorrow the plan is to review in the morning, test before lunch, and dive into the next exam subject in the afternoon. No rest for the wicked.

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