Monday, March 22, 2004

Ambilogic for all seasons

We had a round table tonight, where we all shared what we did, the companies we were from and the companies we had contacts into.

Along with that, Mark shared a gem of a poem, composed during the time he could not stare a computer information a minute longer.

'Twas the Night Before 290
by Mark O'Loughlin

'Twas the night before 290, when all through the class
Every student was cramming, and showing their ass.
The candidates were busy, giving their best,
In hopes that PrepEngine would help us pass the test.

The thought of job security was to me
The reason I pursued the illusive MCSE
Arriving alive, I was quite a tired fellow
Driving from Boston in a taxi that was yellow.

I sold everything to get here, even my shirt,
In hopes that Bill Gates would bestow me a cert.
First day in New Hampshire I found it quite queer
That our instructor was nestled well into Bass beer.

A middle-aged instructor, so lively and quick
His name was Richard, no not Dick.
More rapid that Tukcerman's his reviews they came,
His students he rallied and called them by name.

EMT Eric, who's quite a nice fellow,
And Chris who will never go back to Marcello's.
Jean who is gracious and sweet as can be,
Since we crammed 8 people into her grey SUV

Leon from Cleveland who can carry a tune,
Bryan whose wife has had four car wrecks since last June.
Don't forget Mike and Dan, they had their own loft,
All pre paid of course, courtesy of Microsoft.

Lloyd from the islands who fancied the store,
And David the brain who attained a perfect XP score
Sue in the kitchen kept up the pace
While Otis the dog kept stuffing his face.

Thanks to the materials, more precious than gold,
In my hands six completed tests now do I hold.
Did I pass my 290? Alas, no such luck
Thanks to a condition Rich called "What the F**k?!?"

So I jumped in my taxi, for a long 3 hour drive,
Wondering if I'd make it to the airport alive.
Then I heard Rich exclaim, as he lifted his beer,

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