Sunday, March 14, 2004

Ambilogic: Prologue

I arrived at the VERY pink premisis of Ambilogic after a completely un-harrowing flight. Getting from the airport to the hotel turned out to be a 2 hour car ride, however, which my bladder was less than thrilled to hear about it. We got here before sepsis set in, but only barely.

After a quick unpacking, we (that would be me, Eric (another student), Rich (the VP and trainer) and his wife Diane, along with their 5 week old baby (name withheld due to my ignorance) went up the street for dinner. Very pub-ish food. Good, cheap, eaten elbow to elbow and those high round tables.

Ambilogic ( is in a quant, very tourist-oriented part of New Hampshire. It's near Lake Meredith and Mt. Washington, I think. Rich and Diane own a bed-and-breakfast Inn, so you sleep, eat and work in the same building. The testing center is here too. The only thing you need to go out for is dinner and (we are told) the cook is so good here and the food so bountiful that some people skip dinner. We'll see about that.

Tomorrow class starts at 8:30am, which is a total luxury from a schedule standpoint. I'm sure it's the last time I'll have a moment's peace, but it's welcome none the less.

Tomorrow we study for the WindowsXP exam, and the actual test is set for Tuesday. That's the easy one. There are 4 other core (read "difficult") exams and another elective after that.

Now for some sleep.

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