Thursday, March 25, 2004

Ambilogic Impossible

brave, reckless, confident, unprepared, hopeful naieve, prepared...

(again. you aren't missing something. It's just deja vu all over again)

Our mission: exam 70-297 Windows 2003 case studies
The low-down: 4 case studies, 10 questions each, somewhere around 20 minutes to complete each one and you don't get to carry your time over to the next study.

No, I did not pass. Yes I am pissed.

First, one of the case studies was 15 minutes. That's one-five. Can I just ask what is proven by my ability to read and click in 15 minutes? Are we checking to see if I'm a candidate for Evelyn Woods' course? All I could think was "there's an ADA lawsuit in here somewhere". What if I was blind and needed to be read to? What if, what if.

If wishes were fishes.

Second, 20 minutes isn't noticably better.

It's do-able, because my 2 other compatriots (the 3 crazies in the group) tried and succeeded. But only barely. This is another one of those tests were the top score is 800 and passing is 700. Not a lot of room for mistakes.

I joked about Xtreme Geeking, but I guess this is the exam for it.

"Hello, I'm an MCSE. I don't spend a lot of time designing your environment, but you should watch me click boxes on a simulator screen!"

Somehow it's not the image I thought Microsoft wanted to project. Is the test hard? Yeah doggy! Is it even vaguely realistic? Not unless you also watch "Stargate-SG1" for it's biting social commentary and insightful scientific accuracy.

Trying again tomorrow. Hoping for better. What else is there to do?

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