Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Dazed and Confused at Ambilogic

OK, so let's just say that this Cisco stuff is not coming as easily as the Windows stuff was. Part of it, I'm sure just has to do with experience, plain and simple. I work with PC's and servers *a lot*. I work with network devices... well, how about NEVER.

Plus, I suffer from dyscalcula (dyslexia, except with numbers), so all the math is really starting to get me down.

(for the record, I have never been diagnosed with any such thing as dyscalcula. But is sounds a whole lot better than "I suck at math", which is probably the more clinical description for my particular condition).

It's only day 2, so I figure i have a couple more days before real solid panic needs to set in.

However, I got another annoying piece of news today. Remember when I described the 70-297 test (listed as "widowmaker" on some of the internet lists for MCSE-hopefuls)? That's the one where you have 4 scenarios and 20 minutes each to answer a bunch of design questions that would challange the psychic abilities of Karnak and John Edwards combined.

News flash, sports fans. You can take the easy test instead. That's right, instead of 70-297, you can cuddle up with 70-220. That's the Windows2000 version where you have 4 scenarios and *1 HOUR* per scenario. I would have paid good money for that extra 40 minutes. Once again, Bill Gates has found a way to make my life an absolute misery. I can only take comfort in knowing that his wife probably laughs at his pimply butt when he gets in the shower.

Then again, his shower probably costs more than every house I've ever owned, combined.

There's just no justice in the world.

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