Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Johny MneAmbilogic

My brain is 100% fried. Put your ear up to mine and you can hear it sizzle. I'm actually typing this with my eyes closed, head lolling back over the top of the chair, trying to block out the sound of my fellow students talking and the typing of my own fingers.

2 more tests to go. Just 2 more tests to go. So close and yet...

Today's ordeal, exam 70-293 (Managing and Maintaining a Windows 2003 infrastructure) came with a lot of stress on all our parts. We were still reeling from the completely irrelevant information of 70-227 (ISA Server). Even though many of us worked with this part of Windows every day (Active Directory, Group Policy, DNS, etc), it was still hard to feel like this was familiar ground on which we walked.

By 1:30, about half of us had that old familiar feeling (no, not *that* one). Either we knew it, or we weren't going to know it any better if we waited.

When the dust settled, all but one of us had passed. Some of us had passed with scores that were, strictly speaking, mathematically impossible: 1049 out of 1000.

The second group confirmed that, yes indeed Virginia, there is a SantaGates.

As of this writing, 2 of us have to retake, 3 of us were on the Magical Mystery 1049 Exam and the rest had more modest (and yet perfectly respectable) scores in the 700 to 900 range.

Now it is back to the salt mines. 70-294 appears to be more of the same, but the exam is undoubtedly going to be harder: 35 questions. Rumor has it, if you miss more than 4 questions (give or take), it's all over.

The anticipation is killing me.

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