Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Ambilogic and the Raiders of the Lost Arp

All I can say is that things are getting there. Today we learned about subnetting, which is a topic I thought we had fully covered in the Microsoft series. Little did I realize that Microsoft is more than a trifle vague in thier descriptions, and will accept a wide range of creative answers.

Cisco is all about subnets, and they want the right answers.

It's the difference between wading in with your floaties versus doing laps with the high-school swim team.

The difference is physical, too. Whereas I felt refreshed each morning and could get up without a problem during the Microsoft courses, this week it is harder and harder to get out of bed. I am enjoying the class, but I'm much more drained.

Which is all OK. We're on the final leg of this mission - just another 2 days and then I'm back home. I figure it will be one enormous pile-on once I get in the door.

I can hardly wait.

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